Amy S. Hamilton 

Amy is an author, project manager, college professor, motivational speaker, and shoe aficionado. She became a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute in 2007 and has been a volunteer in her local chapters in Stuttgart, Germany and Colorado Springs, CO. She presented on the “The Secret to Life from a PMP” at TEDxStuttgart in September 2016. She taught Project Management Tools and Colorado Technical University and was a facilitator for the Master’s Degree Program in Project Management for Boston University. Amy holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Geography, from Eastern Michigan University, a Master of Science (MS) in Urban Studies from Georgia State University, Master in Computer Science (MSc) from the University of Liverpool, Master Certificate in Project Management (PM) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) from the National Defense University, and competed the US Air University Air War College. She is an award winning public speaker and has presented in over twenty countries on overcoming adversity, reaching your dreams, computer security and project management. She served in the Michigan Army National Guard as a communications specialist and was commissioned into the US Army Officer Signal Corp, serving on Active Duty and later the US Army Reserves. She has worked on both the US European Command and the US Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on multiple communications and IT projects. Amy’s motto is “A woman who is passionate about project management, public speaking and shoes.”

“The Project Manager: Life is a Project” is a business fable designed to teach readers how to apply simple project management techniques to their daily lives to become more organized and reach their goals. The story follows Ashley, a very good project manager, but who has a personal life that is chaotic. She is mentored by Thomas Robert Morgan, a legendary project manager, who believes that “Life is a Project.” Ashley discovers how to apply risk management, communication management, and other project management skills on her journey to improve her life. Her application of these simple skills take her from a life of stress and restless nights; to spending more time with her family and discovering her true calling.


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